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Strip 2mm (1/8") of insulation from the end of the 200mm red and black wires you saved from Step 32. Tin the ends of the wire with solder.

Tin the ends of all four LED strip terminal pads on the corner with the X label (which is underneath where you can't see!).

Carefully solder the red wire to the (+) terminal on one strip.

Route the wire to the (+) terminal pad on the other LED strip and cut it to length with a little extra to allow for soldering. Save the remaining wire to connect the LED strips on at the Y tower.

Strip 2mm (1/8") of the insulation off the end of the wire, tin it and solder it to the (+) terminal pad.

Repeat this process with the black wire connected to the (-) terminal pads. The photo shows the completed connections.

Your (+) may be opposite that shown in the photo, that's perfectly fine as long as all three LED strips are aligned the same.

Repeat the steps above with at the Y corner.

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