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This step is optional but will teach you a little about using Duet Macros and will give your printer a little more excercise.

Download the motion_test.gcode macro file.

Click the Macros button in the left column to show the Macros page (see first photo). Click the blue Upload Macro File(s) button. Find the motion_test.gcode fie you downloaded above and upload it to your printer. Once the upload is complete, the macro should appear in the File Name list as in the photo.

Although you can run macros directly from this page by clicking the green Run button, macros are also available on the main Machine Control page. Click the Machine Control button and you will see the list of User-Defined Macros on the right side.

Now for the fun! Click the motion_test macro button and watch your printer perform a little choreographed light and movement show,

If your LEDs did not turn on, don't panic! Your printer's config.g file may need a little modification because D300VS printers shipped in and before April, 2017 were not configured to control the LEDs by default. Complete the following steps if this is the case.

Click the Settings button and System Editor tab. Locate the config, g file and click the green pencil button. Scroll down until you see the "Fans" section shown in the third photo. Delete the setting highlighted in red and then click the green Save Changes button.

Now you will need to restart your Duet. At the top of the window is an entry field with a Send button to its right. Enter M999 (the reset command) and click Send. The Duet will reset and should automatically connect after 10 seconds or so. Once connected, run the motion_test macro.

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