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Remove the white protective film from the aluminum heat dissipator. Clean both sides with window cleaner and allow to dry.

It does not matter which side you adhere the Kapton bed heater to – minor scratches are insignificant.

Start peeling the protective film from the edge of the Kapton bed heater as shown (to the left of the wiring). Do not remove the film completely.

Start adhering the Kapton bed heater to the edge of the heat dissipator working from one edge. After the edge is adhered, continue to slide the backing off of the heater as you smooth and adhere the heater to the dissipator as shown in the second photo.

Connect the heated bed wires to the green terminal block on the left side of the Duet as shown in the third photo.

Make sure to complete open the terminal connector by unscrewing the terminal screws as you did for the main power connector in Step 58.

Connect the thermistor to the thermistor connector on the left side of the Duet.

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