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Prepare the three FSRs by adhering a silicone pad to the center of the top and bottom of the pad as shown in the first photo.

The FSRs do have adhesive protected with brown film on their bottom side but do not use this adhesive. Leave the brown film in place and attach the silicone pad directly to it.

Install the three FSR wiring harnesses on the FSRs. Polarity does not matter.

Insert the FSRs into the recesses in the top of the bed mounts with the right side ("top" in first photo) up as shown in the second photo. Orient the FSR connector and wires as shown.

Connect the FSR wires to the JohnSL board as shown in the second photo. The X-Z FSR connects to the left terminal, the X-Y FSR connects to the center terminal and the Y-Z FSR connects to the right terminal.

Secure the FSR wires in the upper cross members using a ~40mm (1.5") piece of T-slot cover as shown in the second photo. The cut-off pieces of T-slot cover you saved are perfect for this.

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