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Connect the LED wring as shown in the first photo.

Make sure to connect with the (+) terminal to the left and (-) to the right as shown in the photo.

Before proceeding make sure the power supply is not plugged in.

Find the Duet's power terminal connector as indicated in the second photo. Unscrew the two terminal screws to fully open the terminal. The screws are captive so they will not come out of the terminal.

Connect the power supply wires to the power terminals as shown in the second photo. The black (-) wire connects to the position indicated with the black arrow and the positive (+) wire to the position indicated by the red arrow.

Make sure the wire ends insert into the opening. Gently tug on the wire after fastening to ensure it is connected properly.

Double check the power supply connection to make sure the polarity is correct. Nasty things will happen if you reverse the wiring and turn on the power.

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