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Attach the power cord to the power supply. Make sure the switch is in the OFF position and then plug it in. Turn on the power supply and watch and listen for any indications that connections weren't made correctly.

Immediately SHUT DOWN and UNPLUG the power supply if you smell or see smoke or hear unusual pops or noises. Contact UltiBots Support for assistance if you encounter any problems.

Once powered up, connect to the Duet from your web browser. You will need to know the IP address it was assigned in Step 52. Enter the IP address in your browser and after a few seconds you should see a screen similar to the first photo. This is the Duet Web Control (DWC) interface.

If Duet does not automatically connect, click the blue Connect button at the upper left of the window.

Click the Settings button in the left column and then the Machine Properties tab. This page is shown in the second photo. The three lines highlighted with the red rectangle show the state of the endstop switches for the X, Y and Z towers.

All three end stops should display "No" in the Endstop hit column

Starting with the X tower endstop switch, click the orange plunger with your fingertip and watch the Endstop hit column. The state should change to "Yes" as shown in the third photo.

Test the Y and Z endstop switches to make sure they work properly.

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