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Smooth the braided sheath down from the effector to the ends of the wire. This is very much like petting a snake from its head to tail. Make sure that the braid is taught around the wires.

Slide the remaining piece of 1/2" heat shrink onto the whip about 1/2 way up.

Measure 825mm (32.5") from the top of the wire management mount on the effector as shown in the first photo. Then carefully cut the braid with a pair of sharp pointed scissors and remove the excess.

Slide the end of the whip over the wire mast, making sure the mast is inside the braided sleeve. Secure the wires immediately below the end of the whip with two small Zip Ties as shown in the second photo.

The extension splices should all be slightly below the Zip Ties and mount as shown.

Slide the heat shrink tubing down to the mast mount and carefully shrink it to secure the whip.

Be careful not to apply too much heat and melt the braided sheath.

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