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If your Duet already has RRF 1.19.2 installed you only need to copy the 4 folders from the latest 1.19.2 ZIP (gcode, macros, sys, www) onto the SD card installed on the Duet and restart/repower the controller. See the Duet Guide for instructions on getting the version and connecting via wifi

Once you've validated that your endstops are working properly, click on the G-Code Console button in the left column. You will see the Console page shown in the first photo.

Now for the fun! Enter G28 (with a capital G and no spaces) in the Send G-Code... field and press Send or click the Return key.

Your printer should 'home' - move the carriages UP until they hit the endstop switches and stop. Homing is the most common command you'll use. There is a Home All button on the Machine Control page that does the same thing but it's good to learn G28.

If your carriages move DOWN instead of up, you have connected your stepper motor wiring incorrectly. You will have to turn off the power supply so be prepared to hit the on/off switch. If your printer homes in the wrong direction, go back and review Step 57.

If your carriages do move towards the top but do not make it all the way to the endstop switches, enter G28 a second time and they should. This is a little anomaly that won't happen once you install the delta arms and effector.

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