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Notice the highlighted Z-Probe panel in the screen capture. At rest, the value will be 0 with a white background.

Gently tap - with one finger - over the FSR between the X-Y towers. The Z-Probe value will increase to 1000 and the background will change to pink as shown in the screen capture.

You may see values lower than 1000 occasionally too, that is fine as long as the background turns pink to indicate the probe triggered.

Repeat the single finger tap test on the FSRs between the Y-Z and X-Y towers. The Z-Probe background should turn pink and the value increase to 1000 if the FSRs are triggering properly.

Correct FSR operation is critical to successful probing and delta auto-calibration so familiarize yourself by repeating the above steps several times, each time tapping with a little less force. The FSRs should trigger consistently with very little force.

It is more reliable to peak underneath the bed at the JohnSL board. It has LEDs that illuminate on a tap which give immediate feedback.

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