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That's it! Your D300VS is assembled and all systems are checked out and operational. You can turn off your hot end heater and read one of the First Print guides listed below.

NEVER leave your printer unattended when the hot end and bed heaters are on. This also means that you should always be present when you are printing.

We recommend positioning your D300VS as shown in the photo with the X tower to the left, Y to the right and Z directly in back. This is the orientation that your slicer will slice your models.

Next Steps...

If you plan to print PLA filament for your first print, please read the First PLA Print guide.

If you plan to print ABS filament for your first print, please read the First ABS Print guide.

You can also look ahead to the Upgrades, Modifications and Tips guide, but we do recommend you get several prints under your belt before installing PEI or making any modifications to your printer.

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