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Find the two pairs of part cooling fan wires with the white connectors coming from the effector harness. These should have knots tied in their ends to help identify them as shown in the first photo.

Clip both pairs of wires approximately 125 mm (5") from where they emerge at the top of the effector Zip Ties that hold the wire bundle in place. Discard one of the long pieces, the other will be used to tie the two fans together into one set of lead wires.

Strip 8mm (5/16") of insulation off the ends of the two short pairs of wires coming from the extruder and the longer piece you kept.

It is important that you attach all three red wires together and all three black wires together.

Slip a 20mm (3/4") piece of 1/16" Heat Shrink (from the Extruder Extensions bag) over the long red wire end and then twist the wires together, solder them and protect with the shrink tubing as shown in the second photo.

You may have to work the heat shrink over the ends of the pair of wires. Wait until the solder is completely cool before attempting this.

Repeat with the set of black wires.

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