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Once you have all of the cross member extrusions in place be very careful when moving the base unit around.

Now you are going to pull together and align the base. Although not difficult, this is a critical step. If you tighten the base with a twist or obvious gaps at the end of the cross members, the printer will be difficult to calibrate. Follow these steps and you will not have a problem.

Use a piece of ~6mm (~1/4") rope or cord about 2.5m (8') long. Tie a loose loop in one end (see photo for example). You are going to use this cord as a belt to pull the base unit together while you tighten the screws.

You can use a strap clamp for this if you have one long enough.

Wrap the cord around the base as shown and pass the end through the loop. Then pull tight to bring everything into alignment. You do not have to make it Superman tight, just make sure everything is snug. Then tie-off the loose end to one of the upper cross members as shown.

Move the base assembly to the flattest smooth surface you can – a granite kitchen counter, smooth Formica™ counter or even a smooth table top work well. Just make sure it is clean (no crumbs!) and flat.

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