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Editing Step 88 —

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Make sure the hot end is at your selected temperature. Click on the Machine Control on the button.

Under the Extruder Control panel, select 100mm and 5 mm/sec buttons as shown in the screen capture.

Never use feedrates faster than 5mm/sec or you risk grinding filament in the extruder. The faster federates can be used for unloading filament.

Position yourself so you can see the mark you made on the end of the extruder drive gear in Step 87 then click the blue Extrude button.

The extruder shaft should rotate clockwise. If it does not, you likely connected the extruder stepper wiring incorrectly. Re-visit Steps 72 and 75 to correct the problem.

Now click the white Retract button. This time the extruder shaft should rotate counter-clockwise.

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