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The wiring harness - aka whip - coming from the effector should have four pairs of wires and one set of four wires (from the extruder stepper motor).

Gather all of the wires in the whip and clip them all to the length of the shortest wire so they are all the same length as shown in the first photo.

Make sure each set of wires is labeled above where you cut them to length. Once you cut off the knotted ends and connectors, you won't be able to tell them apart. You do not need to label the two thick blue wires or the four brown/black/yellow/orange stepper wires. Label the cooling fan pair, the hot end pair, and the thermistor pair.

Wrap the ends of the whip with masking tape to create a point as shown in the second photo.

Using the larger diameter 1/4" PET Wire Sleeving, insert the whip into its end and work the sleeving up to the effector.

Insert the short wire mast on the effector wire management mount into the sleeve. Then run a 40mm (1.25") piece of 1/2" heat shrink up to the mount and carefully shrink it to secure the end of the sheath.

Be very careful not to melt the braided sheath when you shrink the heat shrink tubing.

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