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Install the second magball as shown.

Note the orientation of the carriage adjusting screw. The head of the screw inserts from the right side of the carriage.

Install the lock nut for the adjusting screw in the left side of the carriage.

Use a small screw driver to push the nut into place. Another useful trick is to thread an M3 screw on the nut and use the screw as a handle to push the nut into place. You can use the carriage adjusting screw for this.

Repeat steps 3 to 6 to complete all three carriages.

Jeremy K tip: I wasn't able to thread the screw in to the locking side of the nut to insert the nut into the frame. What I did instead was insert a 2mm allen wrench through the nut and hole. This allowed me to line the nut up with the hole and then use my fingers to press fit the nut in.

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