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Locate the belt and six small Zip Ties from the Cable Ties bag.

Cut the belt into three equal length pieces. Once piece will be used for each tower and two Zip Ties will be used to secure its ends.

Insert the end of the belt into the slot nearest the top of the carriage. Note that the belt teeth must face inward as shown in the second photo. Leave about 40mm (1.5") of belt extending from the bottom of the slot.

If you look carefully at the carriage's slots you will notice that the left side (as you face it) has grooves to match the teeth. You must align the belt teeth with these grooves in order to get the belt in the slot.

Do not pry open the slot as you will likely break the carriage.

Pull the loose belt end up and secure it to the belt with a Zip Tie. Pull the Zip Tie tight.

Clip the end of the belt leaving about 15mm (1/2"). Clip off the end of the Zip Tie.

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