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Before getting started, print a copy of the D300VS Assembly Steps list and keep track of your build time. When you are done, please email your results to us!

Your printer kit shipped in one large box. Inside you should find:

(A) (second photo) a box containing the glass bed, bed heater, mag arms, and other items. Be careful with this box and the glass bed.

(B) a box containing all of the printed parts and the aluminum corner brackets. A list of these parts is included in the box.

(C) a box with the electronics warning label. It contains the Duet Wifi controller, E3D V6 hot end, stepper motors, extruder, FSRs for auto probing, and many labeled hardware bags.

(D) a smaller box (not shown) is labeled Switching Power Supply and the power cord is wrapped in packaging paper.

(E) the aluminum frame extrusions.

The D300VS comes with a Spare Hardware bag. Find it and keep it handy. It has spare washers, nuts and screws and also four spring T-nuts that are useful if you forgot to insert one of the required T-nuts! It is also normal to have leftover parts after your printer is completed.

Your contributions are licensed under the open source Creative Commons license.