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Make sure the PTFE tube inserted into the hot end is cut clean and square on both ends. You can see a photo here: PTFE tube.

The E3D V6 hot end fan and shroud should be assembled as shown in the first photo. This is reversed from how E3D installs the fan on the shroud.

The second photo shows the finished extruder and hot end assembly with a few notes.

NOTE the heater block and nozzle assembly. There must be about a 3mm gap between the top of the heater block and the heat sink. There must also be a very small gap between the nozzle flange and heater block as shown. This is described clearly in the E3D V6 Assembly Guide .

Tie a loose overhand knot near the connectors on the three pairs of fan wires. Two pairs will have white connectors and one pair will have a black connector. These knots will help us identify the wires later.

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