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Please ground yourself before handling the Duet Wifi and all electronic devices as they can be damaged by electrostatic discharge.

Locate the Duet Wifi wrapped in its protective bubble wrap in box C and the Duet Wifi Connectors bag.

The developers of Duet, and the RepRapFirmware it uses, maintain an active documentation wiki and discussion forum. It is the best place to go to learn and ask questions. Familiarize yourself with the Duet Wifi and its capabilities on their Hardware Overview page.

Please see Prerequisites for using the Duet to make sure you have everything ready to go. Your Duet Wifi is preloaded with factory test firmware. Your D300VS will NOT work until you download and install current UltiBots-supported firmware. Follow the instructions for the latest version as detailed on the forum.

Download and install the latest release of Pronterface (aka Printrun). You can download the Mac or Windows zip file here: Pronterface installers (Linux instructions here).

You will use the instructions Getting Connected to the Duet Wifi to connect Duet to your Wifi network. The first step of the process is slightly different for Windows and Mac/Linux users:

Windows computers need to install the Duet drivers. Scroll down to the Step-by-step guide and complete Step 1. Skip Step 2 and then complete Steps 3 to 12 before continuing here. Mac and Linux computers do not need to install a driver. Scroll down to the Step-by-step guide and complete Steps 3 to 12 before continuing here.

Make a note of the IP address assigned to your Duet in Step 11 of the Getting Connected to the Duet Wifi, you will need it to connect to your printer later. NOTE: Duet Wifi works on 2.4GHz only and does not like hidden networks.

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