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Remove the idler assembly (two thumbscrews) if it is installed.

Put a mark on the extruder drive gear with a black permanent marker as shown in the first photo. This will help you observe the extruder's rotation and rotational direction.

Clip 300mm (12") of filament from your spool - we highly recommend you use either PLA or ABS for commissioning your printer and until you get familiar with 3D printing.

If the blue silicone sock that insulates the hot end is not installed, install it now . Then heat your hot end to 195°C for PLA or 220°C for ABS and allow it to come up to temperature and stabilize for a few minutes.

Now you are going to hand feed some filament into the hot end to make sure the passage is clear and to start to develop a feel for how much pressure is required to extrude your filament. It helps to clip the end of the filament at a 45° angle with a small pair of wire cutters or sharp scissors.

Insert the angled end of the filament into the hole at the top of the effector and down into the extruder and hot end as shown in the second photo. Keep pushing until 25mm (1") of filament comes out of the nozzle.

Remove the filament and attach the idler assembly on the extruder. Turn the thumbscrews to tension the idler. There should be a very small (.5mm) gap between the spring coils when tensioned properly as shown in the third photo.

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