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In this step you are going to tension and test each tower, one at a time.

Starting with the X tower, loosen the two screws that fix the upper corner bracket to the tower as shown in the first photo.

Using your thumbs or a helper, push UP on the top unit to tension the belt. Tighten the screws securely.

You will make the belt frequency measurement at the midpoint of the belt. It is important that your phone's mic is pointed directly at the belt as shown in the second photo. It should be 1-2cm from the belt when making the measurement as shown in the third photo.

Press the red MEASUREMENT button on the app and hold the mic 1-2cm from the belt. Then pluck the belt briskly with a finger. You can see how I did this with my index finger in the second photo. You need to pluck hard enough to get a good signal on the app. The closer you can hold the mic to the belt, the better the signal will be.

You may have to pluck multiple times with stronger plucks. If you do not get a reading, this may indicate your belt is not tensioned enough. You should be able to hear a very low bass frequency. You'll know you got a good signal when the app shows the frequency in Hz at the bottom of the screen as shown in the second photo in Step 45.

Ideally, you want a reading between 38 and 41Hz. Don't worry if your value is a little higher than this, but you do not want your belts so tight that they oscillate at 50Hz. If your belt is not within the specified range, loosen the two screws, re-tension the belt and repeat the measurement steps until it is. Do this for all three belts.

When you've finished adjusting all three corners, you may find that they are at slightly different heights and not flush with the top of the towers. This is normal.

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