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Attach a T-nut with an M5x10 low profile socket head screw with the center raised section of the T-nut facing as shown.

Install the endstop switch bracket on the tower with the T-nut on the right side as you face the T-slot cover as shown. The top of the bracket should be about 60mm (2-3/8") from the top of the tower and cover the end of the T-slot cover.

Pass the wires under the switch bracket (in the T-slot) and out the top as shown.

Do not over-tighten the M5x10 screw, you will adjust the final position of the endstop switch bracket later.

Connect the endstop wires to the terminals on the switch. Polarity doesn't matter but I like to wire all switches the same for, as the Shakers said "just for purdy."

Install the endstop switch brackets on the remaining two towers. The Z tower has an extra pair of wires for the LEDs, these should also pass under the switch bracket and out the top as shown in the photo.

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