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Locate three 3-position connectors and the pins from the Duet Wifi Connectors bag.

Flip the printer back over and on your workbench if you haven't done so already.

Cut the connector off the endstop wires. then strip the ends of the wires and crimp the terminal pins on them. Push the pins into the two outer terminal positions.

Polarity doesn't matter for these mechanical endstop switch connections. However, the photos do show the preferred connection to ground and signal on the endstop connectors.

Repeat the above steps to attach the Y endstop to the Y connector as shown in the second photo. Note that it is the middle one of the three.

Repeat the above steps to attach the X endstop to the X connector a s shown in the third photo.

Double check to make sure you connected the X and Y endstop switches to the the correct terminals as shown in the third photograph.

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