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Locate the printed mast mount, the two wire masts you saved from the previous Step and a low profile socket head screw.

Insert the long wire mast into the mast mount. This might be a tight fit. If so, you can ream the hole with a 2.5mm drill bit or sharpen the end of the mast with a file and press it in.

Install the mast mount on the top of the cross member between the X and Z towers. There are three T-nuts in the slot, make sure to use the one closest to the X tower as shown in the second photo. Position the mast mount 75mm (3") from the end of the cross member extrusion as shown in the photo.

Put a piece of tape on top of the mast so as not to poke yourself in the eye in the next steps.

Install the shorter wire mast in the effector mast mount hole as shown in the third photo. You may have to ream the hole (2.5mm) or sharpen the end of the mast to get it to insert.

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