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DANGER! 110VAC or 230VAC electrical circuits can cause electrical shock which may result in death. Wiring your Power Supply Unit requires knowledge of electrical theory and safe practices. UltiBots LLC assumes no liability for loss or damage to persons or property. Hire a licensed electrician if needed.

Locate the power supply unit (PSU) and PSU Hardware bag.

Make sure the switch on your PSU is set to the correct AC voltage for your country, either 115VAC or 230VAC. US and Canada use the 110VAC setting.

Trim off the four ears on the printed PSU cover with an X-acto knife as shown in the first photo.

Locate the wires and connectors in the PSU Hardware bag as shown in the second photo.

Strip and crimp the connectors on the wiring as shown in the third photo.

Split the long black/red wire pair about 2cm (1") at the end before stripping and crimping the connectors.

Check every connector to make sure they are securely crimped. Intermittent printer problems due to loose connectors are very difficult to diagnose and often create a fire risk.

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