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Revision to Getting Started With Dozuki

Michael Hackney

[summary]This is an Example Category[/summary]
== Helpful Resources ==
=== Getting Started ===
# Read and share the [|Tech Writing Handbook] with colleagues
# [|Invite Admins, Authors, and other Users to your site]
# [[Help:Getting Started With Categories|Create a category]] to keep your content organized from the start
# Create a guide from [|your computer] or [|mobile device]
=== Download the Dozuki App ===
* [|iOS|new_window=true]
* [|Android|new_window=true]
=== Help Documentation ===
* Read [|The Codex]—a helpful overview of the Dozuki platform
* Refer to the [|Dozuki Help Guide] for detailed instructions on using your site, from adding custom CSS to managing multilingual options
=== See an Example Site ===
* [|Example Category|new_window=true]
* [|Example Guide|new_window=true]
* [|Example Item Page|new_window=true]
* [|Example Wiki page|new_window=true]
== Dozuki Support ==
No question is too small. Contact our team anytime—we're happy to help!
* '''Phone''': (805) 316-0880
* '''Email''':
* '''Questions''': [|Just ask us!|new_window=true]
* '''Schedule Training''': [https://www.dozuki.com|We offer one-on-one training sessions!|new_window=true][summary_image|166]