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Hi All - NMB Minebea has made 2 PG35L motors for UltiBots. One with an 18mm shaft and the other with a 20mm shaft. We recently transitioned to the Motor with the 20mm shaft. As a result some kits shipped with a Micro Extruder Body that is not compatible with the longer motor shaft.

Kit owners with the PG35L-D48-UCH4A motor do NOT to use the "D Flat" for the set screw. UNLESS... your kit shipped after Aug 3rd, 2017. These kits have a compatible Micro Extruder body.

If your motor/body is not compatible... please apply one of the methods below to get your extruder assembled.

Rotate the drive gear so the set screw bites into the round part of the shaft.

Or if you have proper tools, extend the "D Flat" with a grinder or file. Don't let the shaft get too hot if grinding.

Or add 2-3 washers between motor body and extruder body. This provides set screw clearance on the "D Shaft".

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