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Install the drive gear on the stepper motor shaft with the set screw closest to the motor as shown in the photo.

Align the end of the drive gear with the end of the shaft.

Align the set screw with the flat on the stepper motor shaft and tighten the set screw with a 1.5mm Allen wrench.

Rotate the drive gear (it will be hard to turn) to align the stepper motor as shown in the second photo. You want the set screw aligned with the extruder body slot and the stepper motor's mounting flanges aligned so that the wire harness comes out the top (the photo in the next step shows this more clearly).

Insert the drive gear and stepper assembly into the extruder body. This is a tight fit and may require wiggling and some force. Don't push the gear and stepper all the way in, stop when the groove in the drive gear aligns with the filament guide in the extruder body as shown with the red arrow.

Loosen the set screw on the drive gear at least two complete turns. You need to loosen it enough that it won't interfere with the round part of the stepper shaft.

Insert a 1.5mm Allen wrench into the filament guide as shown in the third photo. This will help you align the drive gear groove and keep it in place while you install the stepper motor in the next step.

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