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For your first few prints you will print on blue Scotch™ brand painter's tape. Not all painter's tape is the same and the Scotch brand is 100% reliable so don't skimp. If you purchased PEI, do not install or print on it yet. You do not want to damage it while you learn.

If you already installed the PEI, simply turn the glass bed over so the glass side is facing up - that's better than putting the tape on the PEI.

Load the filament on the spool as shown in the photo. It is important that the spool can rotate freely so filament can be pulled off by the extruder.

Clean the glass bed. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipes or simply isopropyl alcohol and paper towels work well to remove grease and dirt. Don't touch the glass after you clean it.

Place a 150mm (6") strip of painter's tape in the center of the bed aligned with the Z tower. Then place a strip on both sides as shown in the second photo.

Make sure the tape is adhered and isn't wrinkled then clean it with IPA.

One big advantage of printing on tape is it is cheap and easy to replace. If you didn't install it correctly, simply remove and re-install it.

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