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If you got the D300VS 'Plus', it comes with the Aero Titan.

do not over tighten the heatsink bolts, just barely snug, I found it binds the gear from turning. see more here

I had to go redo it. It was binding. I did not get pinion gear low enough, it looked flush but wasn't. you should be able to turn that big gear with your pinkie when assembled.

Until the effector gets updated, check first! You will need to cut the 12mm bolt down to 10.5mm or get a M3x10 , also put 1 washers under each of the 4 long bolts. There was a bag with bolts, labeled M-FIX_AERO KIT, see third photo. but were too short.

I extended my wires and probably did not have to, it was so close. If I did the wire support on effector as shown in photo above, it would of reached. Or it depends on which side you have the wire whip going.

if you find your extruder stepper moving backwards edit the config.g, change M569 P3 S1 to M569 P3 S0

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