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Click the Machine Control button to return to the main screen. Before clicking the Delta Auto Calibration button shown in the first screen capture, be prepared to turn off the power supply in case something goes astray. Take a deep breath then click Delta Auto Calibration.

During calibration the nozzle should contact the bed gently and at low speed. If your hot end crashes into the bed at high speed or the FSRs do not trigger, turn off the printer. If this happens, please report your problem at the UltiBots forum so we can help you through calibration.

This first auto-calibration is going to take a lot longer than usual as an extra safety precaution. Don't worry, once your D300VS is completely commissioned, a full calibration cycle will take less than 30 seconds.

When printing is complete, the firmware performs the calibration and briefly shows the results at the bottom of the window as shown in the second screen capture. The results are also logged to the G-Code Console in case you missed the pop-up dialog.

What does this all mean? The firmware uses a least squares fit to calculate the delta parameters. The deviation is an indication of how good the fit is - in this case 0.009. This is a superb fit, a deviation less than about 0.04 will give excellent print results.

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