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Insert one of the M5 wheel axle screws into the carriage as shown. The photo shows the assembly order for the wheel. Each of the Open Builds wheel bags contains the parts for one wheel in .

The assembly order is: spacer | bearing | ''Delrin™ wheel | spacer washer | bearing | lock nut''

The spacer is the 9mm long aluminum spacer, spacer washer is the 1mm thick washer.

Note that there is an extra washer in the Open Builds wheel bag. You will not need this washer.

The second photo shows the spacer, first bearing and wheel installed. It is easiest to assemble the wheels on the M5 screw as shown, the screw helps hold things in alignment.

It may take a little finger pressure to press the bearings into the wheel. Try to keep the bearing and wheel aligned as you do this and it should press in.

The spacer washer must be placed between the bearings inside the wheel. This spacer washer prevents the wheel from crushing when you tighten the nut. The photo shows the spacer washer installed.

Don't forget to install the spacer washer!

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