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[title] Eccentrics and Axels
[* orange] Locate the three eccentric spacers. Mark the surface closest to the offset hole with a black marker as shown in the first photo.
[* orange] Press one of the eccentric spacers into the back side of the carriage in the side with the single hole. The black marked surface should face out as shown in the photo.
[* orange] Insert three M5x35mm axels into each ''carriage'' as shown in the second photo.
[* orange] Add one short ''3mm spacer'' on the ''axle'' with the ''eccentric spacer''. Refer to the second photo.
[* orange] Add one long ''6mm spacer'' to each of the other two ''axles''.
[* orange] Repeat installing the ''eccentrics'', ''axles'' and ''spacers'' on the other two ''carriages''.

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