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[title] ***Stepper motor change***
[* black] Hi All - NMB Minebea has made 2 PG35L motors for UltiBots. One with an 18mm shaft and the other with a 20mm shaft. We recently transitioned to the Motor with the 20mm shaft. As a result some kits shipped with a Micro Extruder Body that is not compatible with the longer motor shaft.
[* black] '''Kit owners with the PG35L-D48-UCH4A motor do NOT to use the "D Flat" for the set screw. UNLESS... your kit shipped after Aug 3rd, 2017. These kits have a compatible Micro Extruder body.'''
[* black] '''If your motor/body is not compatible... please apply one of the methods below to get your extruder assembled.'''
[* black] Rotate the drive gear so the set screw bites into the round part of the shaft.
[* black] Or if you have proper tools, extend the "D Flat" with a grinder or file. Don't let the shaft get too hot if grinding.
[* black] Or add 2-3 washers between motor body and extruder body. This provides set screw clearance on the "D Shaft".