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Step Lines

[title] Assembling Extruder and Hot End
[* red] Insert the hot end into the recess in the extruder as shown in the first photo. Note the red arrow - the hot end must be inserted far enough into the extruder so the screws fit through the groove in the hot end.
[* icon_caution] Make sure the PTFE tube is installed in the hot end.
[* red] Install the ''heat exchanger fan shroud'' with the fan positioned under the ''stepper motor'' as shown in the first photo. Note the blue arrow - it shows the bottom of the ''heat exchanger fan shroud'' aligned with the first fin on the heat exchanger.
[* red] Attach the ''part cooling fan bracket ''to the extruder with two cap screws as shown in the second photo. These screws '''must''' engage the slot in the top of the hot end.
[* red] The third photo shows the part completed assembly.
[* icon_note] Note: you may install the blue silicone sock on the heater block at this time as shown.