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[title] Install Thermistor and Heater Cartridge
[* red] Install the thermistor cartridge in the heater block. The wires should protrude from the side shown in the first photo. The set screw and small Allen wrench are included in the E3D V6 hot end kit. ++'''Tighten the set screw until it just touches the cartridge then do one more 1/2 turn'''++.
[* icon_caution] Do not over-tighten the set screw, you will damage the thermistor.
[* red] Install the cartridge heater with its wires coming out the same side. Align the wires as shown in the second photo. Tighten the clamp with an M3x10 screw until the cartridge is held securely in place.
[* red] Clip the thermistor lead wires to the thermistor connector as shown in the third photo.
[* icon_caution] The heater cartridge and thermistor ++must be held in place securely as described above++.