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[title] Setting up to print
[* icon_note] For your first few prints you will print on blue Scotchâ„¢ brand painter's tape. Not all painter's tape is the same and the Scotch brand is 100% reliable so don't skimp. If you purchased PEI, do not install or print on it yet. You do not want to damage it while you learn.
[* icon_note] If you already installed the PEI, simply turn the glass bed over so the glass side is facing up - that's better than putting the tape on the PEI.
[* red] Load the filament on the spool as shown in the photo. It is important that the spool can rotate freely so filament can be pulled off by the extruder.
[* red] Clean the glass bed. Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipes or simply isopropyl alcohol and paper towels work well to remove grease and dirt. Don't touch the glass after you clean it.
[* red] Place a 150mm (6") strip of painter's tape in the center of the bed aligned with the Z tower. Then place a strip on both sides as shown in the second photo.
[* red] Make sure the tape is adhered and isn't wrinkled then clean it with IPA.
[* icon_note] One big advantage of printing on tape is it is cheap and easy to replace. If you didn't install it correctly, simply remove and re-install it.