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Step Lines

[title] Commissioning FSR probe
[* red] Notice the highlighted '''Z-Probe''' panel in the screen capture. At rest, the value will be '''0''' with a white background.
[* red] Gently tap - with one finger - over the '''FSR''' between the '''X-Y''' towers. The '''Z-Probe''' value will increase to 1000 and the background will change to pink as shown in the screen capture.
[* icon_note] You may see values lower than 1000 occasionally too, that is fine as long as the background turns pink to indicate the probe triggered.
[* red] Repeat the single finger tap test on the '''FSRs''' between the '''Y-Z''' and '''X-Y '''towers. The '''Z-Probe''' background should turn pink and the value increase to 1000 if the '''FSRs''' are triggering properly.
[* icon_caution] Correct '''FSR''' operation is critical to successful probing and delta auto-calibration so familiarize yourself by repeating the above steps several times, each time tapping with a little less force. The '''FSRs''' should trigger consistently with very little force.
[* icon_caution] It is more reliable to peak underneath the bed at the ''JohnSL board''. It has LEDs that illuminate on a tap which give immediate feedback.