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[title] Commisioning auto-calibration
[* icon_note] Auto-calibration is a firmware feature that will automatically determine the parameters required for accurate printing. However, there is a little prep work to setup the printer to be able to auto-calibrate wthout crashing the hot end into the bed.
[* red] The '''config.g''' file provided by UltiBots has reasonable initial values but we're going to add an extra margin of safety during commissioning. Click the '''Settings''' button and then the '''System Editor''' tab. Click the green (pencil) '''Edit''' button next to the '''config.g''' file.
[* red] The '''M558''' command sets up the probing parameters. You'll find the '''M558''' command near the bottom of the file. The '''H''' parameter tells the printer to slow down and start probing (in mm) the specified distance above the bed. Set it to '''H50''' and save the file.
[* icon_note] Even though the default '''Z''' height is in the ballpark ('''M665 H''' parameter), it could be off by 10-15mm higher or lower. Setting the '''M558 H50''' gives the printer a little margin for safety by starting probing 50mm above where it thnks the bed surface is.
[* red] Reset the ''Duet'' when presented the option after saving the '''config.g''' file. If you don't get the option to reset, you will have to reset manually by entering the command '''M999''' in the '''Send G-code...''' field at the top of the window.
[* red] Click the '''Machine Control''' button to return to the main screen. Before clicking the '''Delta Auto Calibration''' button, be prepared to turn off the power supply in case something goes astray. Take a deep breath then click '''Delta Auto Calibration'''.
[* icon_caution] Immediately turn off the printer if the hot end crashes into the bed. If this happens, please report your problem at the UltiBots forum so we can help you through calibration.