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[title] Install the heated bed
[* red] Flip the heated bed over so the aluminum surface faces up as shown in the photo. The wiring harness should ext at the 7 o'clock position as indicated by the red arrow.
[* red] Draw a small black arrow on the edge nearest the '''Z''' tower as shown at the purple arrow. This arrow helps ensure you align the bed correctly with the wiring at the 7 0'clock position.
[* red] Loosen the six screws holding the ''bed mounts'' and lightly lay the bed on the FSRs. Lay the borosilicate glass bed on top of and centered over the aluminum bed.
[* red] Clip the glass to the bed using six small binder clips as indicated by the blue arrows.
[* red] Starting with the ''mount'' between the '''X-Z''' towers, push the mount towards the bed until it just barely touches. Fasten the two screws.
[* red] Repeat this process with the ''mount'' between the '''Y-Z''' towers and finally with the ''mount'' between the '''X-Y''' towers.
[* icon_caution] It is critical that the bed is able to move up and down in order to trigger the ''FSRs'' during probing. Many people have a tendency to clamp the bed too tightly with the ''mounts''. A little side-to-side play is fine and much better than too tight!
[* icon_note] If you purchased the optional ''PEI'' print surface, do not install it until after your printer has been completely commissioned. You risk damaging the ''PEI'' if the hot end crashes into the bed - a common occurrence during commissioning.