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[title] Install the heated bed
[* red] Flip the heated bed over so the aluminum surface faces up as shown in the photo. The wiring harness should ext at the 7 o'clock position as indicated by the red arrow.
[* red] Draw a small black arrow on the edge nearest the '''Z''' tower as shown at the purple arrow. This arrow helps ensure you align the bed correctly with the wiring at the 7 0'clock position.
[* red] Loosen the six screws holding the ''bed mounts'' and lightly lay the bed on the FSRs. Lay the borosilicate glass bed on top of and centered over the aluminum bed.
[* red] Clip the glass to the bed using six small binder clips as indicated by the blue arrows.
[* red] Starting with the ''mount'' between the '''X-Z''' towers, push the mount towards the bed until it just barely touches. Fasten the two screws.
[* red] Repeat this process with the ''mount'' between the '''Y-Z''' towers and finally with the ''mount'' between the '''X-Y''' towers.
[* icon_caution] It is critical that the bed is able to move up and down in order to trigger the ''FSRs'' during probing. Many people have a tendency to clamp the bed too tightly with the ''mounts''. A little side-to-side play is fine and much better than too tight!

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