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Changes to Step #68

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Step Lines

[title] Cleaning up the bottom-side wiring
[* icon_note] For this step I laid the printer on its "right" side - the '''Y-Z''' towers are on the table.
[* icon_note] ''Zip Ties'' installed in the Step 67 are shown as lighter ghost arrows.
[* red] Secure the '''Z''' ''stepper motor'' wires with another large ''Zip Tie'' as shown by the blue arrow.
[* red] Bundle the '''X''' and '''Y''' ''FSR'' wires together with a small ''Zip Tie'' as shown by the purple arrow.
[* icon_note] Now you are going to hide all of the excess wiring by stuffing it up the center channel in the tower extrusions. A cool trick that Brad showed me!
[* red] The excess ''stepper motor'' wires and ''endstop'' wires will be hidden in their respective towers. This is done by gathering the wires at the entrance to the tower extrusion's center channel and then slightly folding the bundle of wires as shown in the second photo. The '''Z''' tower will also contain the excess ''LED'' wiring.
[* red] Then insert the folded end of the wires into the channel and push the wires all the way in until they are hidden as shown in the third photo.
[* icon_note] I only show the stepper wires in the photo for clarity.

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