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[title] Cleaning up the top-side wiring
[* icon_note] Now you are going to neaten up the wiring. This is a lot easier to visualize and do than to describe so please look at the photos closely.
[* red] Start by routing the '''Z''' stepper motor wires ++underneath++ the ''Duet'' and towards the front of the printer. Once routed, fasten the '''X''', '''Y''' and '''Z''' stepper wires with a small ''Zip Tie'' as shown with the purple arrow nearest the ''Duet''.
[* red] Bundle the '''X''' and '''Y''' ''stepper motor'' wires and fasten with a second small ''Zip Tie'' as indicated by the purple arrow.
[* red] Route the '''Z''' ''stepper motor'' wires underneath the FSR mounting arm towards the right ('''Y''' tower) as shown in the photo. The photo shows an "X-Ray" view of these wires underneath the mount. Secure the wires with two large ''Zip Ties'' on the FSR mounting arm as indicated with the blue arrows.
[* red] A third large ''Zip Tie'' secures the '''Z''' stepper motor wires and the Y endstop wires as indicated with the blue circle.
[* red] Route the '''Z''' and '''X''' endstop wires to the left ('''X''' tower) and secure to the top of the ''Duet'' mounting arm with two large ''Zip Ties'' as indicated by the blue arrows.

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