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Changes to Step #73

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Step Lines

[title] Install arms and effector/extruder/hot end
[* red] Locate the ''magnetic ball arms'', they are packed in a protective cardboard wrap.
[* icon_note] Note that one end of each arm has a label indicating its finished length. Pair the arms so each pair are the same length. Small differences of +/- .01mm are normal.
[* red] Attach a pair of arms to each carriage. I prefer to put the labeled end nearest the carriage.
[* red] Orient the effector with the extruder stepper motor facing the '''Z''' tower as shown in the second photo and attach it to the arms.
[* icon_note] The arms must be parallel to the effector. Make sure to attach them to the correct set of balls – the set that ++points to++ the carriages.
[* icon_caution] Take a moment to step back and delight in the beauty of a delta printer.
[* red] The second photo shows the installed effector and proper routing of the whip.