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[title] Extruder Assembly Tips
[* red] Make sure the PTFE tube inserted into the hot end is cut clean and square on both ends. You can see a photo here: [|PTFE tube|new_window=true].
[* red] The E3D V6 hot end fan and shroud should be assembled as shown in the first photo. This is reversed from how E3D installs the fan.
[* red] The completed ''parts cooling fan'' assembly is shown in the second photo. It shows the correct orientation for each fan.
[* red] The third photo shows the finished extruder and hot end assembly. Note the wires tied with two zip ties to the wiring post.
[* icon_caution] '''NOTE''' the hotel block and nozzle assembly. There ++must++ be about a 3mm gap between the top of the block and the heat exchanger. There ++must++ also be a very small gap between the nozzle flange and heater block as shown. This is described clearly in the E3D V6 Assembly guide.
[* red] Tie a ++loose++ overhand knot near the connectors on the three pairs of fan wires. Two pairs will have white connectors and one pair will have a black connector. These knots will help us identify the wires later.
[* icon_note] Note the orientation of the red heat exchanger. In this position, air from the hot end cooling fan flows across its vanes for more effective cooling.
[* icon_note] A piece of special thermally conducting tape called ''Akaska Heat Tape'' found in the ''Micro Extruder Motor'' bag is used to attach the heat sink to the motor.
[* red] Remove the pink protective film from the ''Akaska Heat Tape'' and apply the tape to the inside of the heat sink. Then trim the excess tape off with an X-acto knife. Finally, remove the yellow paper film and snap the heat sink around the extruder motor.

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