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[title] OPTIONAL (but fun)
[* icon_note] This step is optional but will teach you a little about using Duet ''Macros'' and will give your printer a little more excercise.
[* red] Download the [|motion_test.gcode|new_window=true] macro file.
[* red] Click on the '''Macros''' button in the left column to show the ''Macros'' page in the photo.
[* red] Click the blue '''Upload Macro File(s) '''button highlighted wit the red arrow. Find the motion_test.gcode fie you downloaded above and upload it to your printer. Once the upload is complete, the macro should appear in the ''File Name'' list as in the photo.
[* red] Although you can run macros directly from this page by clicking the green '''Run''' button, macros are also displayed on the main '''Machine Control''' page. Click the '''Machine Control''' button and you will see the list of '''User-Defined Macros''' on the right side.
[* red] Now for the fun! Click the ''motion_test'' macro button and watch your printer perform a little choreographed light and movement show,

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