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Changes to Step #10

Edit by Michael Hackney

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Step Lines

[title] Add T-nuts to the X assembly
[* red] The X assembly gets six T-nuts.
[* red] Insert three T-nuts in the ''top'' slot of the upper cross member.
[* red] Insert one T-nut in the ''upper inside'' slot of the cross member.
[* red] Insert two T-nuts in the ''lower inside'' slot of the lower cross member.
[* icon_note] The smooth side of the T-nuts should face out on all T-nuts inserted into the extrusion slots. You can see this in the photo if you look carefully.
[* icon_caution] Check your work for this and the next two steps to make sure you have the T-nuts in the correct locations. But don't worry, UltiBots includes a few ''insert T-nut'' spares that can be added even after the frame is assembled.