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Changes to Step #43

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Step Lines

[title] Finishing off the belts
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' down to the ''stepper motor'' making sure not to twist it.
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' around the ''pulley'' on the ''stepper motor'', making sure the teeth are engaged.
[* red] Continue pulling the ''belt'' up to the carriage.
[* red] Look at the first photo, the ''belt'' should be evenly spaced from the tower its entire length. You will probably have to adjust the ''pulley'' position on the ''stepper motor'' shaft to bring it into alignment.
[* red] Loosen the two set screws on the ''pulley'' - you can see the set screws in the first photo. Then move the ''pulley'' on the shaft to bring the ''belt'' into alignment with the tower. Tighten the set screws.
[* red] Repeat '''Steps 41''' to '''43''' to install the ''belts'' on the remaining two towers.