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Step Lines

[title] Installing the belts
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' up through the top ''corner bracket'' and around the top ''pulley''. Make sure the ''belt'' is not twisted and the teeth face towards the ''pulley'' as shown in the photo.
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' down to the ''stepper motor'' making sure not to twist it.
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' around the ''pulley'' on the ''stepper motor'' as shown in the second photo. Make sure the teeth are engaged.
[* black] It's helpful to secure the carriage to the tower with masking tape so it doesn't move when you pull on the belt.
[* black] Insert the ''belt'' into the slot in the carriage stretching the ''belt'' tight - but you do not need to overdo it. Secure the end of the ''belt'' with a ''Zip Tie'' and clip the ends of the ''belt'' and ''Zip Tie'' as shown in the second photo.