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Step Lines

[title] Installing the belts
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' down to the ''stepper motor'' making sure not to twist it.
[* red] Pass the ''belt'' around the ''pulley'' on the ''stepper motor'', making sure the teeth are engaged.
[* red] Continue pulling the ''belt'' up to the carriage.
[* icon_note] It's helpful to secure the carriage to the tower with masking tape so it doesn't move when you pull on the belt.
[* red] Insert the ''belt'' into the slot in the carriage stretching the ''belt'' tight - but you do not need to overdo it. Secure the end of the ''belt'' with a ''Zip Tie'' and clip the ends of the ''belt'' and ''Zip Tie'' as shown in the second photo.
[* icon_reminder] Repeat '''Steps 41''' and '''42''' to install the ''belts'' on the remaining two towers.

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